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Water is one of the vital sources of life and also a crucial factor for environmental quality as such. However, it is recognised that 1/3 of the EU population lives in areas in which water resources are under substantial pressure.

In recent decades human activities have had many negative impacts on the various water (eco) systems within EU regions. These negative impacts include increased pressure on existing water systems, such as poor water quality, pollution, water shortage and lack of available drinking water, exhaustion of flora and fauna and generally a reduction of the environmental quality of the area.

In addition a lot of regions face challenges to deal with water quantity which require them to enlarge the water retention capacity due to anticipated climate change.

Since many regions within the EU have to tackle similar challenges, namely new lake and wetland development, thoughts have arisen to form a partnership. This has resulted in 11 partners with their own specific knowledge, experience and interesting good practices working together in the international interreg IVC project SIGMA for Water.



In the download section on the right, you will find the Newsletters of the SIGMA for Water project. With the Newsletters we want to keep you informed about the latest developments in the project.  In the first edition we want to introduce you to the SIGMA for Water partners and their project. In the second Newsletter you will find more detailed information about each partner. In the last edition we give you for example a short report of the partner meetings in Geiseltalsee and Glasgow and information about a partner change. 

Note: Please do not hesitate to forward the brochure or Newsletters to your associates or contacts, whom you think might be interested in this project. 

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