Sigma for Water logo


The Sigma for Water logo
The symbol in the logo consists of two ‘water streams'. The one in light blue has the shape of the Greek sign for sigma; Σ. The other one - in dark blue - is shaped like an S; the first letter of the word ‘sigma'. Together, the two streams form a white S-like shape between them.

When you look at the symbol in 2D, you can see the Σ and the S. When you look in 3D, you can see the water flowing towards you.

These three shapes represent a summary of different types of water systems. The colours are not only used for contrast, but also emphasize different types of water. And when you look at the symbol, including the counter and apertures (the white between and surrounding the water streams), you will see that the water streams not only shape themselves, but their environments as well.

Type face
The type face in the logo is the ‘Dax' font. This font has round, flowing features, but still stands firmly and clear. The round qualities suit the theme of water nicely. For instance, the M in ‘sigma' and the W in ‘water' compliment eachother in a flowing shape. Because of its solid, strong character the Dax gives balance to the whole; a contrast between the organic, flowing streams of water and a solid typeface.

As mentioned above, the colours represent different types of water. Pantone 540 is used for the dark blue colour and Pantone 543 for the light blue. These two shades of blue give a strong contrast, which results in a modern and fresh appearance and hints at the diversity of water.

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