Expected output and results

The project will produce the following outputs:

Component 1

Component 2

Component 3

1 signed partner contract;

4 Steering Committee meetings;

1 finance group meeting;

1 financial handbook;

7 international project management group meetings;

7 progress reports;

3 Steering Committee progress reports



1 communication plan;

1 website with intranet and extranet;

7 interregional meetings (3 of which are parallel with kick-off-intermediate and closure event);

6 website updates;

7 press conferences;

7 press releases;

7 newsletters (in total 700 hardcopies and 2100 eVersions),

2 brochures (in total 1000 hard copies)


1 partner competence & knowledge database;

10 master plans;

40 bilateral consultations;

7 interregional partner meeting reports;

10 action plans;

10 funding plans;

1 report on evaluation and policy recommendations;

1 final report + toolkit including all good practices;

20 good practices identified,

22 good practices developed,

10 policies addressed

The results of the project are as follows:

  • A well managed project which achieves its objectives within the budgetary framework and time planning;
  • A well informed partnership and external stakeholders about the progress and results of the project during project implementation;
  • High quality integrated master plans + action plans for new lakes and wetlands that will improve the quality of the water system and the environment;
  • Improved adaptability for future changes in the climate for the participating regions;
  • Improved policies in the regions participating in order to continue the developments initiated here;
  • By influencing and inspiring non participating regions in this project through external communication activities, new similar initiatives in other regions in EU using project results.
  • Transfer of existing and developed good practices to mainstream Structural Funds via action + funding plans focused on implementation of the master plans;
  • 60 staff members with increased capacity; 450 people attending events; 10 articles; 200 visitors per month on website;
  • Transfer of 20 identified good practices and 22 developed good practices in the partnership;
  • 10 policies improved;
  • Transfer of knowledge from more (4) to less (4) experienced countries


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