Activities are organised in 3 components

Component 1

Management and coordination as a joint effort since all partners will work together and will be responsible for managing their own inputs. This is combined with strong central coordination in which various tasks are divided among the partnership. The result is a well managed project achieving its objectives with smooth reporting to the programme.

Responsible partner is  Province of Fryslân

Component 2

Communication and dissemination
At the start of the project communication plan will be developed with the goal to transfer good practices and results within the project internally and externally. Three main channels of communication are envisaged:

  • Project partners (internal communication) 
  • Communication with other relevant stakeholders
  • Wider European audience of organisations involved in water management field

Responsible partners are Province of Fryslân, IRRI and the University of Thessaly 

Component 3

Exchange of experiences dedicated to the identification and analyses of good practices;

Partners will jointly develop high quality integrated master plans on the development of new lakes and wetlands that will improve the quality of the water system and environment.


Responsible partner is Province of Fryslân.


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