Final report Sigma for Water

01 August 2013

June 2013 

Dear Reader,

We are looking back on a interesting project with a good mixture of more and less experienced partners. At the start meeting in March 2010 the project partners were divided in 2 subgroups: Lakes and Wetlands. The subgroups worked out their strategy separately, but they always shared their information and ideas with the other group. The challenge for each partner was to find their way to their own national political rules and regulations.

Besides three years of intensive exchange of experience, we had a few challenges too. Two of the partners had to change their partnership because of national and regional changes. In Greece the Prefecture of Magnesia stopped existing and also the German Landkreis Demmin was transferred to the Landkreis Mecklenburgische Seenplatte. Therefore some ‘new' partners entered the project. But that was not all. In Hungaria for example the chosen project area already received some European Funding, therefore a different area had to be found. All these changes could be solved with the help of the Interreg IVC secretariat in Lille. During the project the Municipality of Smallingerland changed the focus a little, which resulted in a better, more attractive and stronger Master plan with political support. A great lesson learned.

The aim of Sigma for Water is being fulfilled: a smoothly running project resulting in high quality integrated Master- and Funding plan improving water quality and adapt to climate change. Three partners already have received the fundings to execute their Master plan. The excellent result of the project can be used to build new cooperation to the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Vice governor of the Province of Fryslân

Mr. Hans Konst

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