Oudega on the water front

11 November 2012

The Municipality of Smallingerland, the Netherlands, made a vision on the Oudega area. The vision has been published in a masterplan Oudega on the water front. Read the full Vision on the area here.

With about 1700 inhabitants Oudega is one of the larger residential centres in Smallingerland. It is a village with a lively and active character and the people living and working there are closely involved in its functioning. And yet it is getting harder and harder to maitain the level of facilities and amenities.

Historically Oudega derives its importance in particular form bein situated on open navigable waters. In the course of time Oudega and Drachten have become increasingly further removed from these waters and their waterfront have turned into backwaters. The municipality and the province of Fryslân want to bring Smallingerland closer to the Frisian lakes again.

For this reason the municipality and the province of Fryslân together have wriiten a vision on the area for this region. This vison is intended as a souce of inspriration for the eventual realistation bij (local) authorities, public bodies, the business world and residents. In other words, this is not a ready-made plan but a palette by means of which a region may literally be coloured. Much will depend on concrete initiatives, some of which may be realised on short term. In this way, step by step and togeher with the right parties a situation may be achieved in which Oudega once again will be experienced as a village on the waterfront with a rich cultural heritage.

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