Invitation to the conference in Krakow

06 March 2013

The Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences (MEERI-PAS)  invites you to a conference Rational use of water and mineral resources- good practice in Poland and Europe.

Anne de Vries, project leader of Sigma for Water and Steve Taylor of IDEEAS, external expertise for Sigma for Water, will be one of the speakers of this conference.


Natural resources constitute the  basics of European and world economy functioning and have influence over the quality of our lives. They comprise water and mineral resources, to name just the few.

    • protection against water pollution,
    • development of the processing waste economy sector in the Baltic Sea Basin region,
    • re-cultivation and management of the post-mining and post industrial areas considering creating water tanks,
    • accessibility of the EU countries to the water as well as mineral resources from the primary and secondary sources (urban resources, anthropogenic deposits),
    • proper frame conditions inside the EU assuring balanced water economy and stable deliveries of the resources from the European sources,
    • promoting eco-innovation - new tendencies and practical solutions,
    • the possibility of financing projects from the European and Polish funds.
  • Water is the element of environment which is necessary for life, and it decides about the development of regions. In Europe 1/3 of population lives in the areas on which a strong pressure is put on the existing water resources. The experiences of the second half of the twentieth century indicate that the quality of water has dramatically decreased  an its resources show a falling tendency. Furthermore, in the near future the expected climatic changes as well as increase in the number of people will influence the economy. For those reasons water and its rational resources economy are the main priorities of the XXI century. Because of that many EU regions take actions  aiming at improving the current condition when it comes to water economy by, among other things, increasing the retention by building  artificial lakes including the use of , for example, industrial wastelands.

    Resources exploitation has contributed to the emergence of great number of mining and processing waste. Currently, the waste coming from the mining industry constitute about 29% of All waste produced in the EU. The development of innovative technologies makes the recovery of useful materials possible and use them in many branches of industry (f.ex. building, energy industry). Wide range of mining and processing waste appliance as well as searching for new solutions in the sector of mining waste economy, which accounts for the whole waste life cycle, are strong arguments for waste being treated as equivalent substitute of natural resources.

    During the conference priority issues for the XXI century concerning rational use of water and mineral resources will be discussed. Subject matters will be devoted to the following issues:

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