Final meeting of SIGMA for Water in Thessaly (Greece)

23 February 2013

Partners of Interreg IVC funded project, SIGMA for Water, will gather for the last time in Thessaly Greece on 26 to 28 February 2013 for the final project partner meeting.

The Region of Thessaly hosts the meeting. In attendance will be Province of Fryslân, lead partner from The Netherlands, and partners from Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Hungary and UK.

SIGMA for Water- Sustainable Integrated Management Approaches for Water areas- is dedicated to the masterplanning stage of lake and wetland area development. The project aims to improve water quality and security through interregional cooperation of partner regions, improving their abilities to develop new lakes and wetland areas. It is funded by Interreg IVC, January 2010.

The purpose of the final meeting in Thessaly is to share project results and good practises. The transfer of this knowledge is a key element and disseminate the project en implement the project in their region .In this project every partner developed their Master- , Funding- and Action Plan for the lakes and wetland project areas.

This successful cooperation will come to an end but partners will be ready for the next steps.

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